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This site is for browsing.  It's for checking out possibilities and enhancing your ideas.  All of my work is done on commission for a specific client from a specific photo or group of photos.  If you have an idea for a painting, my approach is to follow a few steps that have worked for me.  I will give ball-park price estimates up front.


Start with a photo. It should be in focus, proper colors, and large enough to show details clearly.  A variety of photos of the subject works well when one doesn't meet all requirements.  I am happy to take photos for anyone in the northern Colorado and southern Wyoming area.
I will propose a layout, background, etc.  using edited examples for your review on line. I will also provide a price estimate and time to delivery.
You will have an opportunity to review the painting  and make changes before final delivery which will include a plain artist's frame that you can change as desired. 
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Final Painting
Final Painting

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