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About this Website

This site is for browsing.  It's for checking out possibilities and enhancing your ideas.  All of my work is done on commission for a specific client from a specific photo or group of photos.  If you have an idea for a painting, my approach is to follow a few steps that have worked for me.  I will give ball-park price estimates up front.


Start with a photo. It should be in focus, proper colors, and large enough to show details clearly.  A variety of photos of the subject works well when one doesn't meet all requirements.  I am happy to take photos for anyone in the northern Colorado and southern Wyoming area.
I will propose a layout, background, etc.  using edited examples for your review on line. I will also provide a price estimate and time to delivery.
You will have an opportunity to review the painting  and make changes before final delivery which will include a plain artist's frame that you can change as desired. 
Multiple photos of Tyler Paulk in proposed composition of painting.
Painting of Tyler Paulk playing hockey throughout his childhood. Hockey in high school.
Final painting of Si
Photos to Paintings
Unedited photo of Simon
Sample photo of Tyler Paulk.
photos grouped
Final Painting
Final Painting
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